Reasons for outsourcing your company secretarial work:

Strengthen your compliance system :

  • Compliance and corporate governance are of concern to every business. Outsourcing this function ensures compliance matters are always in control and specialist advice is readily available.

Gain access to professional advice :

  • If you outsource your company secretarial function, you can avail of the services of such experts who have worked with many clients facing similar challenges on issues such as the interpretation of company law, corporate governance best practice and statutory filing requirements.

Reducing operating costs :

  • Imagine always having the correct level of company secretarial expertise and administrative capabilities available when required, without the expense of such a service when it is not needed. An outsourced company secretarial service provider is the ideal solution as it ensures that you always have the correct level of expertise available for each task.

Free up your staff for higher value tasks :

  • Every organization has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people resources, from non-core activities towards higher value based activities.

Improve Company focus :

  • Company secretarial service is not a core function for most businesses and yet the importance of the function requires significant expertise. Outsourcing allows a company focus on its core business by having operational functions assumed by an outside expert.

Flexibility :

  • There is no need to hire additional staff to manage your Company Secretarial requirements. An outsourced service is easily scalable to meet the varying needs of your business cycle.

Reduce Risk :

  • The risks associated with company secretarial requirements can be significant in terms of financial penalties and damage to a company’s reputation. Outsourcing providers manage these risks on behalf of all their clients. This significantly reduces the risk born by the company.